Week : March 21th to March 27th


Hi gang,

I hope you are well and the spring break is going well.
Info about the NON OFFICIAL Saturday Race, the 26th of March.
Start time of the race: 11h
Meeting time: 10h15
Location: NIPIKA, South trails, 500m far from the lodge, close to number 43 on the  South trail map:

The event is a fun event, technic is free, you can choose classic or skating, it won’t be official, even though there will be a timer and a ranking. Registration is free. It will happen at Nipika, and Lyle gave us his agreement to hold it there. Thanks very much Lyle. The loop will probably be a 5k loop (2 times for the 10k race, 4 times for the 20k). There will also be a 5k and 1k for the younger.

I suggest each of you bring finger food (cakes, cookies, pizzas…) and something to drink. We will install a table at the start, then it’s going to be the place for the feeding.

You can invite your friends to join the event:
Here is the link to register, be free to share it :  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FqSof35GH8sr32XRGNw0sHDih5B0eNKqS1u-sHGgM7c/edit?usp=sharing

It would be great to have most of you there, and have a great Saturday with you.
See you soon,
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