August, week 8th to 14th

Monday, 8th: training 5pm at the track with your running shoes. 1hr15mn/1hr30mn session. (running, Work out, games, stretching)

The Friday training moves to Thursday. Because some athletes are sometimes away for long weekend, probably better to move the session in that way. Be free to come to me in you are ok with that.

Thursday, 11th: Meet at 5pm at the Track with your skate Rollerskis, poles, helmet. Don’t forget your drink bottle. 1h30-1hr45mn session

Dryland trainings

Hi gang,

We will soon start the Summer Rollerski training. If you are still interested do the Dryland, I invite you to etransfer the ski club the amount of the Dryland sessions (100$ for Rollerkiing for (at least) 14 sessions of 1hr45mn, 100$ for strength/games/track for (at least) 17 sessions of 1hr15/1hr30m. Etransfer to :
Dryland training is for 2011 kids and older. Let’s meet next Friday, July 7th at the Track at 4.15pm to get your gears (poles and Rollerskis) before going to the session.Even if you are away during summer or if you’re going to miss the first sessions, you can still be part of the trainings. But don’t forget to register.Please write your name and @mail in the sheet, then it will be easier for me to send directly to you any change before sessions. ***There won’t be any session July 1st. Next session July, Monday 4th. Let’s meet at the track at 5pm with your running shoes.*** Thanks, Benoît

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